Is it possible to change text that appears after $PS1. It is what user inputs. I want to suggest some command hereafter my_function is run. Of Course I should be able to modify/delete it using backspace key

root@linux: ls
aplha beta gamma
root@linux: my_function
root@linux: echo_something_here (It should be deletable by me)
  • About the only way I can think of to do this would be to have a wrapper program controlling the terminal and "typing" the suggested text at an appropriate time. That seems a bit suboptimal though, so I'll see what others come up with. – Steve Bonds Feb 2 '16 at 17:19
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    The ZSH solution is print -z, e.g. my_function { print "hello world"; print -z echo_something_here } – thrig Feb 2 '16 at 17:27

Based on this answer you can use expect (you might have to install it first):

#!/usr/bin/expect -f

# Get a Bash shell
spawn -noecho bash

# Wait for a prompt (in my case was '$', but your example only put ':')
expect ": "

# store the first argument in a variable
set arg1 [lindex $argv 0]

# Type something
send $arg1

# Hand over control to the user


Now you can call it (assuming you saved it as my_function):

root@linux: ./my_function "some text here"
root@linux: some text here

The only undesirable effect might be that it starts a new bash.


If I understand the question correctly, then having a support script

 read -ei "$*"
 printf "%s\n" "$REPLY"

called for example ~/bin/iedit, then you can say

eval $( ~/bin/iedit "some text here" )

this will output "some text here", which you can edit. Once you have finished editing it then the resulting command will be executed.

This is not a good example of code. Almost always you want to use "$@" rather than "$*", and one should usually try and avoid using eval. You might want to add a history -s $REPLY as well. Putting these together, the support script could be

 read -ei "$*"
 history -s "$REPLY"
 fc -s

and you would invoke it as 'source ~/bin/iedit "some text here"'.

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