I'm trying to setup an ubuntu scope project using the setup wizard from the ubuntu sdk ide. The last step in this wizard is to run cmake, but I get the following error:

E: Failed to change to directory ‘/var/lib/schroot/chroots/click-ubuntu-sdk-15.04-armhf/mnt/Data/Programming/RealTime/UbuntuScope/build-RealTime-UbuntuSDK_for_armhf_GCC_ubuntu_sdk_15_04_vivid-Default’: No such file or directory
I: The directory does not exist inside the chroot.  Use the --directory option to run the command in a different directory.
Command returned 1: schroot -c 'click-ubuntu-sdk-15.04-armhf-ucca-1000-{3e432198-7f23-427a-bc7e-68aade061564}' --run-session -- env DEB_HOST_GNU_CPU=arm DEB_BUILD_MULTIARCH=x86_64-linux-gnu DEB_BUILD_GNU_SYSTEM=linux-gnu DEB_HOST_ARCH_ENDIAN=little DEB_BUILD_GNU_CPU=x86_64 DEB_HOST_ARCH=armhf DEB_HOST_GNU_SYSTEM=linux-gnueabihf DEB_HOST_MULTIARCH=arm-linux-gnueabihf DEB_HOST_ARCH_BITS=32 DEB_HOST_ARCH_OS=linux DEB_HOST_ARCH_CPU=arm DEB_BUILD_ARCH_CPU=amd64 DEB_BUILD_ARCH_OS=linux DEB_BUILD_GNU_TYPE=x86_64-linux-gnu DEB_BUILD_ARCH_ENDIAN=little DEB_BUILD_ARCH_BITS=64 DEB_HOST_GNU_TYPE=arm-linux-gnueabihf DEB_BUILD_ARCH=amd64 cmake /home/pieter/Programming/RealTime/UbuntuScope/RealTime '-GCodeBlocks - Unix Makefiles'

I already asked this question on the ask ubuntu website, but so far I haven't gotten any response. However, I'm starting to suspect that this is a generic error with how the chroot is setup, and not specific to the ubuntu sdk ide. That's why I'm trying my luck here as well.

  • I get that error when I use schroot from a directory on the Host that isn't inside the chroot. What directory are you in when you run cmake? – drewbenn Feb 1 '16 at 22:09
  • As the ubuntu sdk ide is executing the cmake command, I'm not a 100% sure. But I think it is executed from the source/scope directory on the host. – PieterV Feb 2 '16 at 8:15

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