I wan't to add a battery icon in my status bar using FontAwesome, but when I display it it's the home character instead.

I have copy/pasted the character directly from the FontAwesome website into my terminal to see if I can display it and it displays the home symbol !

So I have open my ttf file from a website that displays fonts characters to see if the character is in my file, and it is, furthemore it has the same unicode as my home character.

In my fonts folder I have those 4 files :


And I maybe they conflict each others, I don't know.

Also I have no fontconfig file, I kept all my fonts in ~/local/share/fonts and use fc-cache ~/local/share/fonts when I add new fonts.

  • How are you choosing the font to display the character from? – Lawrence D'Oliveiro Nov 4 '17 at 0:14

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