I ran pdfcrop to crop the whitespace from pdf. As expected, the result is a pdf with pages of varying sizes. Is there any way to "squash" all these pages so they nicely fit in A4 (or any other format) avoiding whitespace?

I want to do this so if I have a pdf with lot's of whitespace I can pdfcrop it and when I run pdfnup I don't end up with a very sparse document.

For example, if I want to print to A4 (21cm height) and my pdf after pdfcrop has pages with heights like these:

  • Page 1: 10cm
  • Page 2: 5cm
  • Page 3: 10cm
  • Page 4: 13cm
  • Page 5: 4cm

i can save some whitespace by printing them like these:

  • NewPage 1=Page 1 + 2 => 15cm
  • NewPage 2=Page 3 => 10cm
  • NewPage 3=Page 4 + 5 => 17cm

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