I have a serial port /dev/ttyS2 that is connected to a supervisor. Normally, I use this line to send commands back and forth between CPU and supervisor.

However, under some settings, I want to just redirect the entire console to this port.

I can achieve this via a reboot and updating the uBoot kernel variable to direct console=ttyS2,115200. But is there a way to achieve this without a reboot?


You could launch getty once you've booted to get a serial connection to your system. Note that this will not give you the default outputs typically seen with your console (Kernel Panics and other verbosities typically seen in console but not in normal terminals). But if you are just looking to get a login via serial after boot this should work.

/sbin/agetty -L 115200 ttyS2 vt100

That should connect to /dev/ttyS2 at 115200 baud and emulate a vt100 terminal.


It is not possible, as far as I know. The netconsole modules does something similar, but for network devices. You may want to write a kernel module based on it. Further references:

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