I'm trying to replace Apache with OpenBSDs httpd but can't figure out what to do with my ProxyPass statements.

In apaches conf it looks like this

 ProxyPass /someurl
 ProxyPassReverse /someurl
  • I thought I should use relayd for this, but how do I do the URL rewrite?
  • Would I set up relayd to listen on port 80 and forward some things to different internal machines and the rest to httpd on localhost?

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Great question! OpenBSD's newly written httpd is not a fully-featured web-server, and nor is it intended to be. As for relayd, which was the precursor to httpd, I do not believe that it has any ability to do what you require, either.

The best general-purpose replacement for Apache bar none is still nginx.

It is readily available in the OpenBSD ports tree as www/nginx, and can be easily installed as a precompiled package with pkg_add(1) — doas pkg_add nginx.

Once you install nginx, you would use the proxy_pass directive, and it'll probably look like this:

location /someurl {

As for ProxyPassReverse, nginx has a more appropriate name for it — proxy_redirect, and the default value of default should already be sufficient for your needs (that is, if your ProxyPassReverse and ProxyPass directives both had the same value). Good luck!

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