I am trying to add filenames to many *txt files, which are tab-seperated (they will eventually be joined together using cat) I am using bash, on Ubuntu 14.04.

So far my code is;

for f in *.txt
sed -i 's/$/'"       $f"'/' "$f"

This works fine except that the filenames are appended on the line below, and not to each row. I am using Ctrl-V Tab to insert my tab in the console.


You can try this:

for f in *.txt
  sed -i -e '1,$s/$/'"       $f"'/' "$f"

if you are trying to do what I think you do: add a {tab} character and file name at the end of each line in all the .txt files in a directory

  • also instead of using ctrl-v tab combo to insert the tab character, you can use \t string to insert a tab in sed. So your sed line should look like this sed -i -e '1,$s/$/'"\t$f"'/' $f – MelBurslan Jan 27 '16 at 0:03
  • Upvoted! But don' have enough reputation... – danny_C_O_T_W Jan 27 '16 at 9:09

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