To check whether Munin email notifications are still functioning, I have changed temporarily the "warning" and "critical" threshold to a very low value, and restarted the munin-node service.

To my dismay, I did not receive any Munin alert.

The Postfix service is running on port 25 and I can easily connect via telnet to it. I can send mail from command line -- and receive it correctly on my remote mailbox. /var/log/maillog contains references to the messages I sent from command line but nothing from Munin, so it appears that Munin is not sending any alert.

Is there any log that I could peruse to see what's wrong?


It appears the problem went away by itself after I reinstalled the ssmtp package.

I also modified the following line in /etc/munin/munin.conf so to include the full path to the mail binary:

contact.example.command /bin/mail -s "Munin alert" me@example.com

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