I tried to copy a large video from my server to my local device with

rsync -aP remotefile.mov localfile.mov

But the local file does not show up unless I stop the rsync process.

I can then watch the partial video with no problem in VLC.

How can I watch it while still rsyncing?


You can use the option

This option changes how rsync transfers a file when its data needs to be updated: instead of the default method of creating a new copy of the file and moving it into place when it is complete, rsync instead writes the updated data directly to the destination file.

so this will copy whith you being able to watch it while copying:

rsync -aP --inplace remotefile.mov localfile.mov

Also worth mentioning here would be a transferlimit if you don't want to use up all the upload trafic on your server with:


And when copying folders, copy small files first with


I would use this alltogether (max. 7.5MB of my 10MB bandwidth):

rsync -aP --max-size=10m --inplace user@remote.com:/pathto/remotefolder/ localfolder/
rsync -aP --bwlimit=7.5m --inplace user@remote.com:/pathto/remotefolder/ localfolder/

see explainshell.com

  • you could just play the hidden file that rsync creates – Aryeh Beitz Nov 2 '17 at 7:47

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