I have a highly customised lubuntu-rc.xml file; all key combinations that I can use for command shortcuts are mapped, so I need to utilise more keys so I can have more shortcuts.

I would like have AltGr keyboard shortcuts as are suggested by the following (xev utility reveals that AltGr is key 108 which is also called ISO_Level3_Shift).

<keybind key="ISO_Level3_Shift-q">
   <action name="Execute"><command>script1.sh</command></action>

<keybind key="ISO_Level3_Shift-j">
   <action name="Execute"><command>script2.sh</command></action>

In other words use AltGr in the same way the Windows key is used.

However even after inserting the above into lubuntu-rc.xml and running sudo openbox --reconfigure I find that AltGr + q produces an @ symbol.

How do I take control of AltGr mapping for this purpose?

ps In the same way I would also like to take advantage of the blue coloured Fn key (xev utility reveals this has keycode 151 and name XF86WakeUp) however I am also unable to take control of this key using key maps such as XF86WakeUp-q or XF86WakeUp-j

Thank you


AltGr is "mod5"

for example to launch Terminal by means of 'AltGr + t'

    <keybind key="mod5-t">
  <action name="Execute">
    <command>lxsession-default terminal</command>

you probably have already found a solution, but it is worth to answer anyway 'cause could be useful to someone googling around...

  • Thanks very much @guest. I had mod5 as ISO_Level3_Shift which is what the utility XEV shows. How did you find mod5? – Kes Dec 11 '16 at 14:48

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