I am trying to list the superusers processes currently running in my Kali distro. Using "pgrep -f sbin" I figured that would do the trick, however it only lists the PID numbers, not the actual name of the processes. How can I get it to do this?

Using "ps ef | grep "sbin" it returns a very unformatted list, is there a neat way to format this or dump it to a textfile with some proper formation?

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Have you tried adding -u root to the ps command?

This will limit it to just roots processes. i.e. ps -ef -u root | grep sbin.

To control the output you need to look at the OUTPUT FORMAT CONTROL section in the man pages. Just play with the flags until you get the desired/acceptable output?


Solved it by adding the -l flag to pgrep:

pgrep -lf sbin

From man pgrep:

   -l, --list-name
          List the process name as well as the process ID.  (pgrep only.)

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