I have Fedora distro (21) running in a VirtualBox VM

I want to be able to take the system's output audio and feed it into the teamspeak input (capture)

The reason for this is for a game I play I want to use website soundboards to inject 'game sounds' into teamspeak.

Having the ambient sounds connected as a separate user allows others to control volume etc.

The VM has the audio host device set to: Null audio driver. Because I don't want the sound played on my host machine where I will also be using teamspeak.

I tried add snd_aloop - but didn't know what I was doing with it and setting the teamspeak capture to the loopback seemed to do nothing

Any help appreciated


More of a comment rather then an answer (but i cant post comments yet :( ), but have you looked into alsa and pulseaudio

from its wiki page (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PulseAudio)

PulseAudio is a sound server, a background process accepting sound input from one or more sources (processes or capture devices) and redirecting it to one or more sinks (sound cards, remote network PulseAudio servers, or other processes)

So in theory you can redirect alsa to pulseaudio and use pulseaudio to redirect the audio where you want (to teamspeak). I wouldn't know how to do this, but it sounds possible


Start with pavucontrol. This is a nice GUI for pulseaudio that may help you redirect audio somewhere else

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