How can i install a package through puppet by using the URL of the .tar.gz of the package on centos 6 client. Is there any native support in puppet without installing anything extra on the puppet master.


So you want to run a wget? This is an example pulling a rpm file and installing it. I also create a file in "/etc/firstruns/" so that it wont run every time. "creates" says: "Hey, I create this file when I'm done... so if it's already there, I don't need to do it!". You can also just specify the path in the command. The path parameter is not necessary. Feel free to add the deletion of the rpm too.

exec { 'wget':
  path      => [ "/bin/", "/sbin/", "/usr/bin/", "/usr/sbin/" ],
  command   => "/bin/wget <URL> && rpm -ivh <RPM>",
  cwd       => '/tmp/',
  creates   => '/etc/firstruns/p1.done',

I can only assume I'd get smacked for not proper practices, but hey, it's an answer :D

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