I have an ancient openoffice plugin which requires the 32bit version of openoffice/libreoffice and does not work with the 64 bit version. So I would like to know, if there is any way to install the 32bit version of libreoffice on a standard 64 bit multilib enabled Arch Linux with pacman?

In the past I placed an 32 bit version manually somewhere in the filesystem, but that is more or less only a workaround and has several disadvantages.

  • There is no official way to do this, but you can definitely take the official PKGBUILD for libreoffice and modify it to install the 32-bit version. This is a limitation of multilib as compared to how some other distros handle multiple architectures, and there are some attempts being made to improve this in the future.
    – HalosGhost
    Jan 20, 2016 at 0:47
  • Have a look at this article: unix.stackexchange.com/questions/179902/… . Edit: Sorry, didn't realise that this is a very old question
    – gerhard d.
    Dec 16, 2019 at 8:21

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The easiest way is probably to use a Docker container, or would be if 32-bit containers were easier to find.

There's an official minimal ArchLinux image here, but since it doesn't say otherwise, and this is 2016, I'd assume it's 64-bit. However, it does show the script that was used to create the image, so it probably wouldn't be much work to add the options that switch the architecture.

Once you have a minimal image then installing LibreOffice would be straight-forward, using pacman. Running X applications inside a container is slightly tricky, but should work as long as you use --net=host and -v /home/USER:/home:USER when you create the container, and use the same username/user-id inside the container as outside.

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