I have a bootable install of Linux Mint on a usb stick (ie a "live usb" install). It has a writable partition so that i can have persistence between one session and the next.

I've copied off the sdb1 and sdb2 partition files from the usb stick onto my laptop. What i'd like to do now is to do the same thing but with a portable usb hard drive, using the sdb1 and sdb2 files i have from my original install, ie to clone the install onto a portable hard disk drive.

Is it as simple as formatting the disk to have the same format, and two partitions, and then just importing the partition files onto the new drive? Obviously i could try this but i haven't actually bought the drive yet and wanted to know about any gotchas before i actually go and buy it.

thanks, Max

  • Assuming that the usb stick is /dev/sdb and the portable drive is /dev/sdc, you could try dd if=/dev/sdb of=/dev/sdc but then you would need to resize /dev/sdc with parted to maximize on the space. this should work but the only issue is going to be space on /dev/sdc since the usb stick is most likely smaller. But again, parted should fix that. – cesar Jan 18 '16 at 19:17

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