Can I type Korean using Linux mint 17.2 Cinnamon using fcitx?

I have check several post, which told me that I can use iBus to type Korean. But I am using fcitx to type other Language like Chinese. If I change my type method to iBus, I cannot type Chinese.

I checked following post, there is a solution said that I can install following package to type Korean.

fcitx fcitx-ui-classic fcitx-config-gtk fcitx-frontend-gtk3

However after I installed this package, config fcitx and logout and login. I cannot add Korean type method to fcitx.



First install fcitx-hangul, and in fcitx configuration add hangul. Then I can switch input method to hangul and type Korean.

PS. Remember to uncheck Only Show Current Language when you add input method in fcitx configuration.

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