I was wondering if it were possible to lock a Application through Mac Terminal. I know there's a way to lock files, using chmod a+x 000 'directory', but it never worked with an Application. What I mean is, I can still run and use the Application freely. If I must delete the application instead, please tell me because rm is for specific files and there is no way to delete a directory as far as I know. (rm -rmdir doesn't work).

Thanks for the help, Jack

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    chmod a-x works fine with applications for me (as does rm -r). What do you mean when you say it doesn't work? You can edit your post with more details. – Michael Homer Jan 17 '16 at 2:29
  • That's the answer! sudo chmod a-x /Application/'Whatever Application' worked perfectly! Thanks! – Jack Jan 17 '16 at 3:48

@Michael Homer answered my question. The code is:

sudo chmod a-x /Applications/'Whatever Application'

The code works perfectly and the Application cannot be opened.

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