I'm learning how to create a .deb file using jdeb in order to deliver a maven based java headless application inside debian based distributions.

It needs to be installed in such a way it auto start at boot time.

In the examples that I found in web jdeb is being set with a data directory containing a init.d file.


But how can I deal with different init systems? should I set a data tag for systemd, sysvinit and upstart all together?

thank for any insight.

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There is no magic in such a case. You can't use a Debian package's static copy to install both the systemd and sysV files because this will duplicate services.

So, the solution I found was to deliver the configuration files as normal files inside the deb file, and then to implement a routine inside the postinst / postrm scripts that identifies which init system the target machine is running and then copy the right file to the proper directory.

if [[ `systemctl` =~ -\.mount ]] 
  cp $serviceDir/service-systemd /lib/systemd/system/$serviceName.service
elif [[ -f /etc/init.d/cron && ! -h /etc/init.d/cron ]]
cp $serviceDir/service-sysvinit /etc/init.d/$serviceName
  • Thanks Cristiano for your own feedback, is it possible to gist your files somewhere. I am interested in also because I am developing for Raspberry. ;-)
    – Thomas
    Dec 4, 2017 at 8:37
  • @Thomas, I left the company where I needed to do this, but I will search in my backups soon... Let you know if I found them...
    – Cristiano
    Dec 6, 2017 at 18:32

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