I have to load data from multiple excel file into one table , Please help me to achieve the solution.

We are getting excel file from different retail shop which contain multiple column , each file is of different number of column and headers name.

So based on the excel file i have to create / alter the table dynamically to load the data which i am looking for a help to get any solution / open source utility.


using csvsql to load the data from csv to table but which creates different table for each file.But i am looking for something like below,

File 1:


File 2:


Output table:


Based on the column the table have to grow dynamically , Please help me to get the solution irrespective of any technology,


xsl file is not that easy to handle directly, but I think you can convert it to csv file first, and then:

paste -d ',' File1.csv  File2.csv > onefile.csv

The onefile.csv will be in the form you want.

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