I am trying to fetch logs from log file using grep command and format of log file is as follows:

[1/10/16 23:55:33:018 PST] 00000057 ServerObj E   SECJ0373E: Exception message
at com.own.ws.wim.util.UniqueNameHelper.formatUniqueName(UniqueNameHelper.java:102)
at com.own.ws.wim.ProfileManager.getImpl(ProfileManager.java:1569)

Until now, I am able to fetch logs but I want stack trace as well.

grep -i '^[[:space:]]*at' --before-context=2 SystemOut.log | grep "1/13/16 7:[1-60]" 

output : [1/10/16 23:55:33:018 PST] 00000057 ServerObj E   SECJ0373E: Exception message

Any idea how this can be achieved?


Awk with a field separator of "at" can also work. "^[" matches lines starting with the date stamp and $1 is the first field.

awk -F"at" '/^\[/{print $1}' test

Based on your comment and if I understand properly what you need, the awk command should include the lines you are looking for with your grep range between 7 and 8 o'clock.

However, it sounds like you need two lists. To do this you could run the awk command on your log file and output it to another file. You could then awk/grep the second file.

awk -F"at" '/^\[/{print $1}' test>> ExtractedLogs.txt
awk -F"at" '$1 ~ "07:"{print $1}' ExtractedLogs.txt>> StackTraceOnly.txt
  • grep "1/13/16 7:[1-60]" --> This is fetching based on time from 7 to 8 0'clock. So I just want to combine these two filters. – Anil Kumar Jan 14 '16 at 13:22

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