Already asked this question on the Arch forum, got no useful answer, so I try it here as well, perhaps someone sometime experienced something similar, maybe on some other Linux flavor.

After a recent Arch upgrade chromium forgot all my passwords. I use plasma5, and my chromium passwords are stored in a kwallet.

Kwallet-manager tells me that my passwords are still stored there and the wallet is open and chromium gets connected to it.

Yet, chromium tells me that it has no stored passwords. The upgrade touched both kwallet and chromium: kwallet (5.16.0-2 -> 5.17.0-1) chromium (47.0.2526.80-2 -> 47.0.2526.106-2)

Starting chromium from konsole with

    chromium --password-store=kwallet`

has the effect of chromium rediscovering the passwords (I have to use the switch every time I start chromium, for without the switch, the passwords are gone). This leaves two questions unanswered:

  1. Looking into kwallet was the default behavior previously under plasma 5, but not anymore? (Note: both variables XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP and XDG_SESSION_DESKTOP are set to the value KDE)
  2. Without the switch, why does kwallet-manager indicate that chromium is connected even though it doesn’t look for the passwords there?
  • After a chromium update on Ubuntu (from 47.0.2526 to 48.0.2564), the kwallet popup doesn't accept my master password anymore. I'm quite sure I didn't just forget my password. IDK if it's related to this post or not. Hmm, I should prob. just try downgrading the package. – Peter Cordes Feb 2 '16 at 13:38

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