I've found that file names with dates before the title are difficult to tab-completion. I'd like to write custom completion functions for these directories. How do I specify that the completer should be used instead of the default?

  • What exactly is difficult about them to tab-complete? And how would you want the tab completion to work for these? – Marlon Richert Aug 13 '20 at 12:15

There's no way to specify it, but you can patch the _path_files completion function to achieve this:

# Load the `functions` table.
zmodload -Fa zsh/parameter p:functions

# Load the definition of _path_files.
autoload +X -Uz _path_files

# Make a copy of it.

# Replace the original.
_path_files() {
  # `$words[CURRENT]` is the current word under completion.
  # `:a` turns it into an absolute path.
  if [[ $words[CURRENT]:a == <pattern that matches the dirs in question>/* ]]; then
    <your special completion function> "$@"
    _original_path_files "$@"


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