I am trying to install a Centos 7 VM imported from another LAN environment.

I have reconfigured the network in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0.
So now I can ssh to the machine and ping various external hosts.

However when I try to install additional packages I get a timeout. If I try to wget anything, I can see that it's also trying to use the previously configured proxy.

Typing 'echo $http_proxy' also still shows this old proxy.

If I do http_proxy= wget will not use the proxy anymore, however yum still does.

I have removed the proxy entry from /etc/yum.conf My .bashrc file doesn't mention proxy anywhere, nor does /etc/bashrc

Tried yum clean all, check, erase ... to no avail.

Where else to look?


The possible places I have found so far are:






After checking and fixing those and doing a reboot, yum now works as expected.

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