In Ubuntu, in IntelliJ, the font PragmataPro Mono looks like this:

enter image description here

Note the perfectly mapped pixels. The IntelliJ setting Appearance & Behavior > Appearance > Antialiasing > Editor is set to No antialiasing.

In Emacs, the same font is antialiased:

enter image description here

If I add an ~/.Xresources file containing Emacs.font: PragmataPro Mono-12:antialias=false, then Emacs looks like this:

enter image description here

The font is automatically bitmapped, but not according to the font's specification.

How can I replicate the IntelliJ's rendering in Emacs?

I have reproduced this issue in Ubuntu–Cinnamon and on Arch–Xfce. Thank you.


If your problem with the anti aliased version of the rendering is, that the appearance is too thick, you can force a specific font hinting. I did it for the Lucida Console font in this way in my ~/.Xresources file:

Emacs.font: Lucida Console-14:antialias=true:hinting=true:autohint=false:hintstyle=3

The available hint styles are:

hintnone        hintstyle       0
hintslight      hintstyle       1
hintmedium      hintstyle       2
hintfull        hintstyle       3
  • This is a decent workaround but it does not answer the question. I want to see pixelmappings that match the font's specification, as seen in the IntelliJ screenshot. – Matthew Piziak Jun 21 '17 at 1:40

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