I have a problem with OpenIndiana, I am migrating a server that works with Napp-It. But, once migrated the Hipster Realease Napp-it not support that OS.

I am trying to find out how can I do by console the same that Nappit when I add a user and add properties inherit, in Modify_set.

I have in this moment my ACL like this:

root@openindiana:~# zfs list -H -o aclmode videopool/data
root@openindiana:~# zfs list -H -o aclinherit /videopool/data/
root@openindiana:~# zfs get aclinherit /videopool/data/
NAME            PROPERTY    VALUE          SOURCE
videopool/data  aclinherit  passthrough    local

But, When I go to my Windows Sever, I connect the shared folder like a disk, and I try to change the user permissions, but instead of see the 2 users like in my OI old version with Napp-it (Root and User1) I see (Current Owner and everyone). Or, I see numbers like


In both cases when I try to change the permissions the Explorer.exe close automatically.

3 times

I attach the screenshots

I want to do

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