Debian Jessie (amd64) wine wine-1.6.2 (i386)

There are system fonts avalable for x-applications (truetype). But i can not see them in font select dialogue in wine. wine-applications also can not use system fonts?

How to make wine use fonts wich installed in system?

Problem solved by installing libfontconfig1:i386 package. As i can guess wine tried to get font list from fontconfig, but there were no i386-library.


There's an answer to this on Ask Ubuntu, which says that fonts in /usr/share/fonts should be usable directly in Wine, but the default setup in Debian doesn't support this. As you point out yourself, getting that to work requires installing libfontconfig1:i386 (this will be fixed in the next version of the Wine package, albeit probably not in Jessie...).

Alternatively, you can explicitly add fonts you want to use in Windows applications by either configuring them in the system registry (system.reg in your Wine prefix, usually ~/.wine), or by copying (or linking) them to C:\Windows\Fonts in Wine (usually ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/Fonts/).

Note that having lots of fonts available to Wine can make Windows applications very slow to start; it takes a long time to enumerate all the fonts.

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