I have two scripts. Both scripts are on the same server (serverA)

The first one (serverA) makes an ssh connection to the other server (serverB), and executes the second script,


ssh $ipaddress var="$var1" "bash -s" < $script2

script2 then executes on serverB.

Is there a way to combine these into one script? So it would start by making the ssh connection, then execute the rest of the script, something like:


#Make an SSH Connection to another server
ssh $ipaddress

#Now Execute the rest of the script
do stuff here . . .
and here . . .
ssh $ipaddress /bin/bash <<END
do stuff here . . .
and here . . .

assumming script2 in local dir

if scp script2 $ipaddress:/tmp
   ssh $ipaddress /tmp/script2 "arg" >& /my/result.$ipaddress
   ssh $ipaddress rm /tmp/script2 

you'll pay an extra transfert, but if script2 is non trivial (e.g. not just a tail or wc ), it might be worth.

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