I have connected an Android 5.1 device to a Linux machine and I would like to mount it with PTP, as it seem to be easer to copy/remove files than using MTP connection.

In this case, I have loaded the fuse module and I mount the device into the system as root. However, I get a protocol error when doing any operation with the file system, such as ls or df:

(launching gphotofs in debug mode: gphotofs -o allow_root -d /folder

statfs /
   unique: 3, error: -71 (Protocol error), outsize: 16

In an Ubuntu 10.04 machine I have mounted it without problems using the same binary and library...so it seems in the other machine a component is missing.

What could I do? Is it better MTP than PTP?


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Using lsof I discovered that two libraries were not installed on the machine, so I copied them:


Then, gphotofs started to work correctly.


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