I need to find files in a given directory that have been modified in the last N days, where N is the second argument of the script. Basically, I need to give the command with 2 numbers (arguments) and run a script which would do this.

Is this line of code right in order to find the files?

find . -type f -mtime $2 -exec ls -l {} \;

Sort of. You don't need -exec ls -l {} \;, the find command already lists the files. If you want to list them with more details, you can use find -ls. There's nothing wrong with -exec ls ... either, it's fine if you prefer that, just not needed.

The -mtime N will find files that were modified exactly N days ago. The details are in man find:

  +n     for greater than n,

  -n     for less than n,

   n      for exactly n.

So, to find the files modified in the last 2 days, you would run

find /target/path -mtime -2 -ls

Note that find . will search in the current directory. To search in a specific directory, use a path like find /path/to/dir. If the 1st argument is the target directory, use (remember to always quote your variables):

find "$1" -mtime -"$2" -ls

Also, note that -mtime only deals with 24 hour periods, "days". You'll need to take that into account when writing your command. As explained in man find (this is for -atime but the same applies to -mtime):

File was last accessed n*24 hours ago. When find figures out how many 24-hour periods ago the file was last accessed, any fractional part is ignored, so to match -atime +1, a file has to have been accessed at least two days ago.

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