I am trying to use prune as:

find /opt/app/bss/sieb/fs_clone1/userpref -name "*" -type f -mtime -7 -prune

This is still searching sub-directories.


It's still searching sub-directories because you're not -pruning any.

To -prune a find tree you must first match it.

find / -type d ! -path / -prune -print


I had to use -path / because otherwise the first directory found would have been / the root and it would be -prune'd then -printed.

But as you can see, it is the matched files that are -pruned and nothing else. So if you match -type f you won't -prune any trees at all - regular files have no subdirectories.

You probably want something like:

find /opt/app/bss/sieb/fs_clone1/userpref \
     -path \*path/to/ignore -prune -o     \
   ! -type d -mtime -7

This is very different than your statement. In the first place -path path/to/ignore doesn't work. It has to match a whole path, and your start tree starts with / but path/to/ignore doesn't at all. So I put * globstar in, but better - and probably more succinct could be:

cd /opt/app/bss/sieb/fs_clone1/userpref &&
find . -path ./path/to/ignore -prune -o  \
     ! -type d -mtime 7

...which would make your output a lot less messy. Either way, though, the all paths matched by the -path pattern will be -prune'd then not printed because we -o away to another statement and it is only the last expression of the entire find script that is autoprinted.

The last part is also different, though. I dropped -name '*' because all names match '*' and so you might as well just not filter on that. And the ! -type d is what I've found a lot of people often mean when they say -type f. The former matches any file type which is not a directory - to include fifos and sockets and the rest of the weird ones. The latter matches only regular files. It maybe you really do want the latter - but I just thought I'd mention it.

Anyway, when all is said and done the *path/to/ignore is matched, pruned, and not printed, then, of everything else, files which are not type directory and which were modified 7 days ago.

find /opt/app/bss/sieb/fs_clone1/userpref -type f -mtime -7 -path path/to/ignore -prune -o -print

But I think what you need is -depth.

Note that −maxdepth 0 means only apply the tests and actions to the command line arguments. −mindepth 1 means process all files except the command line arguments.

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