In my ~/.i3status.conf

I have

order += "tztime local"
order += "tztime utc"
tztime local {
    format = "%Y-%-m-%d %I:%M:%S"

tztime utc {
    format = "%H:%M:%S"

but my status bar shows the same time: right now it's 7:56 and both times are 7:56.

I've tried changing utc to several different things to no avail. Even tztime berlin, as shown in the documentation. At first other options would make the time disappear, but then I realized it was looking for a matching tztime <zone> { ... } declaration. None of the other zones seemed to have any effect.

How do I get i3status to show UTC time?


As it turns out, I just needed to read the documentation a little closer:

tztime berlin {
        format = "%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S %Z"
        timezone = "Europe/Berlin"

All I needed to do was change mine to:

tztime utc {
        format = "%I:%M:%S"
        timezone = "Etc/UTC"

then restart i3, and voila! Now it's so much easier to use UTC.

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