Hi I want to have "NOTHING HERE" to come out of the for loop but I get NOTHING and HERE

pi@ed_pi:~ $ cat test.txt


pi@ed_pi:~ $ for i in `cat test.txt`; do echo $i; done



pi@ed_pi:~ $

What am I doing wrong ?

Why are we getting 2 separate $i's ?


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You get two loop iteration because that is how

for i in value1 value2; do ...

works. You may want

for i in "value1 value2"; do ...

in which case you need

for i in "$(cat test.txt)"; do echo $i; done
  • Thanks very much the "for i in "$(cat test.txt)"; do echo $i; done" did the trick. – user610209 Jan 8 '16 at 2:36

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