I have several KVM raw files that are read only (about 100gb).

I am adding these raw files as loopback devices.

I then create a snap file to allow the VM to have read/write access to its disk. This allows me to insert modifications, test, wipe the snap and repeat.

Snippet of my perl script:

$base_file = "/images/vmbase.raw";
$base_stats = stat($base_file);
$base_blocks = $base_stats->size / 512;
$base_size = floor($base_stats->size / 10**6);
system("dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/shm/vmbase.snap count=1 bs=1M seek=$base_size");
$baseloop='losetup -f --show /images/vmbase.raw --read-only';
$snaploop='losetup -f --show /dev/shm/vmbase.snap';
system("dmsetup create vmdrive --table "0  snapshot $baseloop");`

This creates a device called /dev/mapper/vmdrive that I then attach to my virtual machine. I can use parted /dev/mapper/vmdrive to see the available partitions. Now, it would great to switch to thin provisioning to see if I get a performance gain.

Here is what I tried (used the "cookbook" from https://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/device-mapper/thin-provisioning.txt)

First I create some block devices using loops:

meta: 2GB

snap: 24GB

dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/shm/vmbase.meta bs=4096 count=524288
dd if=/dev/zero of=/snaps/vmbase.snap bs=4096 count=5859385
losetup -f /images/vmbase.raw --read-only
losetup -f /dev/shm/vmbase.meta
losetup -f /snaps/vmbase.snap`

Then I create the pool device: (assume loop0 for raw, loop1 for meta and loop2 for snap) I use a 1MB block size and 2GB as my low free space threshold

$ dmsetup create vmbase-pool \
      --table "0 20971520 thin-pool /dev/loop1 /dev/loop0 2048 2048

Follow that up by generating the snap of the external block device (my raw file)

$ dmsetup message /dev/mapper/vmbase-pool 0 "create_thin 0"
$ dmsnap create vmsnap \
      --table "0 20971520 thin /dev/mapper/vmbase-pool 0 /dev/loop0"

I then attach the /dev/mapper/vmsnap device to my virtual machine and it won't boot. When I use parted to print the partition table I get errors. Part of this is I need to be able to launch multiple copies of the virtual machine at once.

I'm using RHEL 6.7 with kernel 2.6.32-573.7.1

Where am I going wrong?


Found the issue(s).

1: The data backing volume of a thin-pool needs to be the same size or larger of the base block device. The data backing volume dd creation command should have the same block size and "$base_size" as my original snap.

2: The second number in the table definition of the dmsetup create thin_pool command should be the block device's number of blocks, which is obtained by the following code:

my $base_stats = stat($base_file);
my $base_blocks = $base_stats->size / 512;

Finally the command to create the thin pool is follows:

system("dmsetup create vm-pool\
   --table \"0 $base_blocks thin-pool $meta_lodev $snap_lodev 2048 2048\"");

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