I have written a Linux (bash) shell script using while loop and I kept sleep command to execute the script for every 60 sec and the output is redirected to other file. After few hours I stopped the script and it doesn't stop executing and I deleted the script still it is running and the output file is updated every 60 seconds. I could see sleep command in the process running by Linux. I tried to kill the PID of sleep using kill -9 PID command. No use. It is in my production server.can some one help out. How should we stop the execution of script.

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The sleep command is invoked by your script. If you kill the sleep command the script advances to the next command. You need to look at the parent pid (PPID) of the sleep command using ps for instance. Then look for the corresponding parent pid (PPID) and kill the process that belongs to that PID

ps -ef |(head -1; grep sleep)
lambert   4062  4041  0 08:47 pts/3    00:00:00 sleep 5

ps -p 4041
  PID TTY          TIME CMD
 4041 pts/3    00:00:00 myscript.sh

kill 4041

It may be running in the background:

       $ jobs
       [1]+  Running                 sleep 100 &

       $ kill %1
       [1]+  Terminated              sleep 100

You can also use pkill and pgrep

Use killall to stop all of the instances.


Try to use 'ps -ef | grep your script name' to find the pid of your task. Then use 'kill -9 your pid' to kill the process.

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