I have RHEL in a test environment and I wanted to install a program that initiates a script that mandates java. The script tests for Java binaries folder.

I tried first to choose the java/bin directory but it said there are no executables in that directory. I tried many things including installing and uninstalling Java. Now I realized I should choose the parent Java folder that has bin/ and lib/ as child directories. When I tried to choose this directory now it says the JRE is not compatible with the software I am trying to install.

The software I want to install uses 32bit of Java. I think the one I have now is 64 bit Java.

I downloaded the 32bit version of Java 1.7 and installed it by rpm and it said it is installed successfully but I can't actually find it. I get same problem when I try to run my script that java is not compatible.

How can I make sure that Java is installed in 32bit not in 64bit in the desired location?

There is a java file in /etc/alternatives/java_sdk/bin but when I try to issue java -version I get:

[root@localhost bin]# ./java -version
Error: could not find libjava.so
Error: Could not find Java SE Runtime Environment.
  • This is really funny. Java was created to avoid architecture issues and then, some troll company/programmer creates a Java-based software that requires 32bit Java instead of using the system one... – user34720 Jan 6 '16 at 10:49


alternatives --config java

and choose version of Java you want to use.

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