Am wondering if someone can advise on the best way to do this. In my Web Dir is around 100 folders; each folder is a clientID.

Within each ClientID folder is a Sub-Set of folders. In each subset of folders is a set of structured folders that are the same.



Within the Folder of Amazon and Ebay we have a directory structure like:


What I am trying to do is scan the whole Web dir and locate In folders that have more than 50 files in the IN directory.

**edited Included in the IN Directory. Only interested in File count on the IN dir.

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    The In folder has directories that should be counted too?
    – Kira
    Jan 5 '16 at 14:33
  • If one of the 3 answers solves your problem, don't forget to accept it with the green check-mark. Thank you!
    – Jeff Schaller
    Jan 7 '16 at 14:16

This one-liner should work:

find httpdocs -mindepth 2 -name In | xargs ls -1 | awk '$0 ~ /httpdocs.*In/{name=$0; start=NR} (NR-start)==50{print name;}'

It will first find all In directories, then list all its files, and, finally, filter those with more than 50 files.

Adjust -mindepth according to your start folder.

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    ls -1 will list the contents of directories if your find happens to discover one. Perhaps you want ls -1d or find ... -type f. But the whole thing will collapse if any of the filenames contains a space anyway.
    – roaima
    Jan 5 '16 at 15:16
  • I'm aware of that, I'm waiting OP to answer my comment...
    – Kira
    Jan 5 '16 at 15:31
  • This is a perfect solution, Sorry for the slow reply Filenames contain no spaces, This give me just what i was after. I was going to start filtering it down by file type, If you wanted to amend to include a filetype i.e. .xml Then that would be perfect. Its not required so if it cannot be done without re-writing then dont worry, But it would help when we have a server crash and am locatnig scripts that have not processed there IN Data. Jan 13 '16 at 17:05

This will loop through the requested directories, counting the files (and subdirectories' files) to see if there are more than 50 files; if so, it echoes the matching directory/directories:

for dir in httpdocs/*/*/In
  count=$(find $dir | wc -l)
  if [ $count -gt 50 ]
    echo $dir has more than 50 files

Note I used strictly "greater-than" 50 because find's output includes that top-level "In" directory in its output to wc -l.

 for dir in `find ./httpdocs/*/*/ -name In -type d` ; do
  count=`find $dir -type f | wc -l`
  if [[ $count -gt 50 ]]
     echo $dir

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