I'm running Linux Mint MATE 17.3 on a brand new Asus UX305FA with screen resolution 1920x1080.

Everything is super small. I would like that the overall appearance is managed correctly like in the other os. I'm not able to find anything to solve this problem.

The only think that I was able to find is this post but it is a bit outdated and not sure if it will work on my laptop. I saw that in Ubuntu this is somehow managed, but cannot find any settings in Mint. I think there must be a way to set the resolution on this kind of screen as they are not really new. I used a 1280x800 screen for 7 years, that's why I'm not updated with hi-resolution device.

Thank you very much.


I may recommend you to follow this and this guides to set up HiDPi on Linux properly.

  • I've done the same following the guide in my link, and it set the parameters properly (in my case I see the right dimension of the screen and the 166x166 dots per inch resolution), but actually there is no difference in how the display shows the thing. – overkill22 Jan 5 '16 at 11:43

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