there, Started using Linux Mint 17.1 Cinnamon Rebecca. Pretty stable and nice functioning. Installed the driver of my All in One Epson xp 201; it prints, but the scanning software (Simple Scan) not reconize it. What can I do to get it scan? Many thanks.


Going to http://download.ebz.epson.net/dsc/search/01/search/searchModule and doing a search for XP-201 gives some hits.

Following them eventually leads you to http://support.epson.net/linux/src/scanner/iscan/ and http://support.epson.net/linux/en/iscan_c.html

See also http://download.ebz.epson.net/man/linux/iscan_e.html

No idea whether these work, because I don't own an Epson scanner.

  • Thanks, Faheem. I'll check on those sites. The Rebecca Mint is working wonderfully, except for the scanning issue with my All in One Epson...
    – Martin
    Jan 4 '16 at 20:15
  • Hi, Faheem, Facing another issue: Bought a new Lenovo ideapad 100 14iby. Came with W 8.1. Installed Mint 17.3 but there's no way the distro starts. Changed Bios to Legacy, etc... The machine will always boot to W 8.1. If you or any other Linux friend has a suggestion, I'll appreciate it... Thanks..
    – Martin
    Jan 13 '16 at 13:54
  • @Martin Ask a question about it on the site. What happened with the scanner? Jan 13 '16 at 21:53

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