Right now I can't access HTTPS site from PhantomJS headless WebKit browser because of TLSv1.2

In my CentOS 5.8 I have following OpenSSL 0.9.8e-fips-rhel5 01 Jul 2008 verison installed.

I think I need to upgrade my OpenSSL lib in order to support TLSv1.2. Am I right ? If so, could you please show me an example how it can be achieved ?

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    You can check whether your version supports TLSv1.2 by running the following command: openssl s_client -connect www.google.com:443 -tls1_2. If you get an error message with usage info, then it is not supported. If you get a connection and see certificates and session keys etc, then you have TLSv1.2 in your version of openssl. Note press Ctl-C to exit. – garethTheRed Jan 4 '16 at 15:37
  • One way to achieve this would be to use copr to build openssl for your version of CentOS using the source RPMs from later versions as an example/template. – garethTheRed Jan 4 '16 at 15:48

You have to build OpenSSL manually - https://miteshshah.github.io/linux/centos/how-to-enable-openssl-1-0-2-a-tlsv1-1-and-tlsv1-2-on-centos-5-and-rhel5/


Maybe this can help you more easily:

There are a lot of people still running RHEL 5 / CentOS 5 for several reasons. Unfortunately RHEL 5 is out of support and additionally there was never a package with OpenSSL >= 1 for RHEL 5.

If you don't have any concerns about using a foreign repo then you can use "tuxad repo". It provides a different and more easy way to update OpenSSL of RHEL 5 to the one of RHEL 6 (which is still supported):

  1. Install tuxad repo for RHEL 5: rpm -i http://www.tuxad.de/repo/5/tuxad.rpm
  2. Update packages: yum update

More details can be found here:

www.tuxad.de/blog/archives/2014/11/19/openssl_updatesenhancements_for_rhel__centos_5 www.tuxad.de/blog/archives/2018/07/21/tuxad_rh5_repo_now_with_phpopenssl1

This repo contains several packages which are rebuild against OpenSSL 1:

  • httpd (also include other enhancements like ECDH support)
  • postfix
  • dovecot
  • curl
  • lynx
  • mutt
  • vsftpd
  • w3m
  • wget
  • php
  • php from RHEL 6 backported (in separate repo "tuxad-php")

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