We are using mod_proxy to balance load between our backend servers . We have different setup and some of the backend servers either runs on tomcat\jboss. The balancer configuation is as follows

BalancerMember http://server1:21080 min=1 max=1000 loadfactor=1 retry=1 timeout=240 route=tc_server1 BalancerMember http://server2:21080 min=1 max=1000 loadfactor=1 retry=1 timeout=240 route=tc_server2 BalancerMember http://server3:21080 min=1 max=1000 loadfactor=1 retry=1 timeout=240 route=tc_server3

The issue for us is that once a backend server is in error state, further requests are still getting forwarded to that server. Is it because retry was set to only 1 sec in our configuration? What does actually retry specify. Does that mean that once a host is in error state, do not send further requests to that server till the number of seconds was set to retry value. If that is the case setting the retry value to a higher number can be a better option for us. We can set it to a value which will be enough to resolve the bad node.

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Yes , set the retry value to some higher number.


Connection pool worker retry timeout in seconds. If the connection pool worker to the backend server is in the error state, Apache will not forward any requests to that server until the timeout expires. This enables to shut down the backend server for maintenance and bring it back online later. A value of 0 means always retry workers in an error state with no timeout.


  • The timeout you are talking here is it the value of retry parameter or you are talking of timeout parameter which was already set to a higher number in our case .
    – Zama Ques
    Commented Jan 4, 2016 at 9:44
  • 1
    i am talking about the retry parameter , as you asked in the question. There is a timeout for retry , the higher the value , the later it will retry it. hopefully it is clear
    – Ijaz Ahmad
    Commented Jan 4, 2016 at 9:45

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