I have installed pfSense (FreeBSD based) in order to test it and learn.

The first thing I want to do is installing some undetected network card (Silicom PXG6BPi) driver, but it needs compiling its source with the make command, so I issue:

[2.2.6-RELEASE][admin@pfSense.localdomain]/root: pkg search make
R-cran-pkgmaker-0.22           Package development utilities
automake-1.15_1                GNU Standards-compliant Makefile generator
automake-wrapper-20131203      Wrapper script for GNU automake
bmake-20151022                 Portable version of NetBSD 'make' utility
ciso-maker-1.02                Tool to compress ISO images to CSO format
cmake-3.4.1                    Cross-platform Makefile generator
cmake-fedora-2.3.4             Set of cmake modules for fedora developers
cmake-gui-3.4.1                Qt-based GUI for CMake
cmake-modules-3.4.1            Modules and Templates for CMake
cmake-modules-webos-1.0.b      CMake modules needed to build WebOS components
colormake-0.9_1                Wrapper to color gmake output
dmake-4.12.20150309            Another hyper make utility
f1spirit-remake-1.0_13         Remake of classic F1 Spirit racing game
fmake-r250982                  Legacy FreeBSD pmake
gccmakedep-1.0.3               Create dependencies in makefiles using 'gcc -M'
gmake-4.1_2                    GNU version of 'make' utility
gmake-lite-4.1_1               Minimalist version of gnu make
gnustep-make-2.6.7_1           GNUstep makefile package
icmake-7.22.01                 Intelligent C-like Maker
imake-1.0.7,1                  Imake and other utilities from X.Org
libdungeonmaker-2.05_1         Program/library that "grows" dungeons for use in isometric games
libpagemaker-0.0.2             Library and tools for parsing Aldus/Adobe PageMaker documents
make++-2.0                     Drop-in replacement for GNU make
makedepend-1.0.5,1             Dependency generator for makefiles
makefaq-2.5                    Makefaq is a Python program that creates a (FAQ)
makehuman-0.9.1.r1.a_7         Application for parametrical modeling of 3D humanoid characters
makeindex-3.0.8_1              General purpose, formatter-independent index processor
makepasswd-1.10_6              Random password generator
makepatch-2.05_1               Perl scripts to assist in the generation and application of patches
makeself-2.2.0                 Neat script to make self-extracting archives
makeztxt-1.62                  Command line utility to create GutenPalm's zTXT format databases
menumaker-0.99.9               Menu generator for X Window Managers and desktop environments
mmake-2.3_1                    Create a Makefile for Your Java files, ready to compile
omake-           Flexible build system
p5-Class-MakeMethods-1.010_1   Generate common types of methods
p5-Class-MethodMaker-2.24      Perl module for creating generic methods
p5-DBICx-MapMaker-0.03_1       Perl 5 module to automatically create a DBIx::Class mapping table
p5-ExtUtils-MakeMaker-7.10     Designed to write a Makefile for an extension module
p5-ExtUtils-MakeMaker-CPANfile-0.07 Cpanfile support for ExtUtils::MakeMaker
p5-ExtUtils-MakeMaker-Coverage-0.05_2 Add a Makefile target to determine test coverage using Devel::Cover
p5-Locale-Maketext-1.26        Framework for software localization and inheritance-based lexicons
p5-Locale-Maketext-Fuzzy-0.11_1 Maketext from already interpolated strings
p5-Locale-Maketext-Gettext-1.28_2 Joins gettext and Maketext frameworks
p5-Locale-Maketext-Lexicon-1.00 Use other catalog formats in Locale::Maketext
p5-Locale-Maketext-Simple-0.21_1 Simple interface to Locale::Maketext::Lexicon
p5-Make-1.00_1                 Perl module implementing 'make' and script
p5-Makefile-DOM-0.008_1        Simple DOM parser for Makefiles
p5-Makefile-Parser-0.216       Makefile::Parser - A Simple Parser for Makefiles
p5-Net-LDAP-Makepath-1.0.1_2   Provides a method for creating paths in LDAP simply
p5-SQL-Maker-1.21              Perl extension for yet another SQL builder
p5-Sort-Maker-0.06_1           Simple way to make efficient sort subs
pbimaker-1.3_1                 Program to convert ports into PBI modules
pilot_makedoc-0.7a_1           Converts text into the Doc format used by PalmPilots
premake-3.7_1                  Build script creation tool
premake4-4.4.b5                Build script creation tool
qmake-3.3.8_2                  The build utility of the Qt 3 project
qt4-makeqpf-4.8.7              Qt QPF2 font generator
qt4-qmake-4.8.7                Qt Makefile generator
qt5-qmake-5.4.1_4              Qt Makefile generator
remake-0.9                     Fork of gmake with debugger
smake-1.2.3                    Portable make program with automake features
texmaker-4.5,3                 LaTeX Development Environment
tmake-1.13                     Extremely portable perl-based make utility
unmakeself-1.1_1               Extract Makeself archives
windowmaker-0.95.7_1           GNUstep-compliant NeXTstep window manager clone
wmakerconf-2.12_11             Configuration tool for Window Maker
wsmake-0.7.901                 Software for production and maintenance of web sites
xmake-1.06_1                   Powerful make utility
xmakemol-5.16_5                Molecule Viewer Program Based on Motif Widget
xpi-passwordmaker-1.7.8        Manages all your online accounts using new or existing passwords

I have tested several packages from that list, but the make command does not appears on the system.

What is the correct package I must install?

Tested too the packages:

  • gcc
  • gmake
  • make++

To let things clear: my problem is that I don't have any make tool installed on my bundled operating system:

[2.2.6-RELEASE][admin@pfSense.localdomain]/root: make
make: Command not found.

This is the source code (the drivers) that I need to compile:

$ ls -la
total 1088
d---rwx---+ 1 Luis None      0 ene  2 23:57 .
d---rwx---+ 1 Luis None      0 ene  2 23:57 ..
----rwx---+ 1 Luis None   4600 sep  7  2008 bp_ioctl.h
----rwx---+ 1 Luis None  42022 jun 12  2008 e1000_80003es2lan.c
----rwx---+ 1 Luis None   4493 jun 12  2008 e1000_80003es2lan.h
----rwx---+ 1 Luis None  22190 sep  4  2008 e1000_82540.c
----rwx---+ 1 Luis None  39951 jun 12  2008 e1000_82541.c
----rwx---+ 1 Luis None   4103 jun 12  2008 e1000_82541.h
----rwx---+ 1 Luis None  16626 jun 12  2008 e1000_82542.c
----rwx---+ 1 Luis None  48582 jun 12  2008 e1000_82543.c
----rwx---+ 1 Luis None   2618 jun 12  2008 e1000_82543.h
----rwx---+ 1 Luis None  48569 sep  4  2008 e1000_82571.c
----rwx---+ 1 Luis None   2626 jun 12  2008 e1000_82571.h
----rwx---+ 1 Luis None  35413 sep  4  2008 e1000_api.c
----rwx---+ 1 Luis None   7596 jun 12  2008 e1000_api.h
----rwx---+ 1 Luis None  74099 jun 12  2008 e1000_defines.h
----rwx---+ 1 Luis None  24432 sep  4  2008 e1000_hw.h
----rwx---+ 1 Luis None  79478 jun 12  2008 e1000_ich8lan.c
----rwx---+ 1 Luis None   5647 jun 12  2008 e1000_ich8lan.h
----rwx---+ 1 Luis None  63657 jun 12  2008 e1000_mac.c
----rwx---+ 1 Luis None   5352 jun 12  2008 e1000_mac.h
----rwx---+ 1 Luis None  11019 jun 12  2008 e1000_manage.c
----rwx---+ 1 Luis None   3859 jun 12  2008 e1000_manage.h
----rwx---+ 1 Luis None  23997 jun 12  2008 e1000_nvm.c
----rwx---+ 1 Luis None   3374 jun 12  2008 e1000_nvm.h
----rwx---+ 1 Luis None   3212 jun 12  2008 e1000_osdep.c
----rwx---+ 1 Luis None   7457 jun 12  2008 e1000_osdep.h
----rwx---+ 1 Luis None  79404 sep  2  2008 e1000_phy.c
----rwx---+ 1 Luis None   9327 jun 12  2008 e1000_phy.h
----rwx---+ 1 Luis None  21371 jun 12  2008 e1000_regs.h
----rwx---+ 1 Luis None  74859 sep  8  2008 em_bypass.c
----rwx---+ 1 Luis None  12539 sep  8  2008 em_bypass.h
----rwx---+ 1 Luis None  28352 sep  8  2008 em_sysctl.c
----rwx---+ 1 Luis None 185579 sep  7  2008 if_em.c
----rwx---+ 1 Luis None  16571 sep  2  2008 if_em.h
----rwx---+ 1 Luis None    914 sep  2  2008 Makefile
----rwx---+ 1 Luis None  15264 sep  8  2008 silbpi.4
  • Without some hint of the problems found, no one (aside from someone with specific information about the package you are installing) will give good advice. FreeBSD has a bundled make program (which was not mentioned). – Thomas Dickey Jan 2 '16 at 22:27
  • @ThomasDickey: I was thinking the problem was clear: there is no make tool on the system. I have edited original question to reflect. – Sopalajo de Arrierez Jan 2 '16 at 22:54

pfSense doesn't include make because they don't think you should be compiling code on the firewall.

Q: Can I compile software on pfSense in the shell or console?
The short answer: No
The long answer: No...

As they don't set it up as a build environment or test it, there will be more issues along the way. Best to heed their advice and do the compilation on a matching FreeBSD release. FreeBSD have VM images to run for releases too. Then copy the compiled drivers across to pfSense.

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  • I understand, Matt, but... compiling a driver is supposed (according to its doc) to generate multiple files on diferent paths, and/or modify some others. I don't know if that will be possible, but I will give it a try. Thanks you! – Sopalajo de Arrierez Jan 3 '16 at 2:20
  • 1
    Run the make see what files are generated in the local directory. Then run the make install and see what it lists. If it's still not clear, the Makefile will include all the information and it should be fairly simple for a network driver – Matt Jan 3 '16 at 2:26

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