I would like to start a background process from bash script, but at the same time give it another name and also make it immune to CTRL-C. I tried the following:

exec -a NiceName java -cp ....long java command line &
tail -f logs/the.log

I want the exec to provide the process another name than just java. I want to start it in the background to be able to immediately run tail on the logs of the process to verify the startup.

This works until I hit CTRL-C to stop the script/tail because the SIGINT is passed to the java process which terminates too.

I also tried combinations of (exec ...&) and (exec ...)&. What does work is

exec bash -c "java command line escaping hell&"
tail -f logs/the.log

but I would hope there is way without escaping hell. I also tried things with disown to no avail.

If I remove the exec, the sub-process is immune to CTRL-C, but then I cannot give it a name.

  • start it with at. – mikeserv Jan 3 '16 at 0:50

After some more experimenting I found the way to do this:

(trap "" SIGINT; exec -a NiceName java -cp ....long java command line &)
tail -f logs/the.log

Ignoring the SIGINT in the subshell is inherited by the execed java command. The foreground running bash/tail can still be terminated with CTRL-C.

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