I want cursor to be in the last character of first line, in INSERT mode when I open a file in vim.

It should work in all cases::

  1. Open file from CLI, like, $ vim fileName
  2. Open file from inside vim, like :e fileName
  3. Open file from inside vim in new window, like :split fileName

try adding this to your .vimrc

autocmd BufReadPost *  startinsert!

From :h usr_40.3

The general form of the :autocmd command is as follows: >

:autocmd [group] {events} {file_pattern} [nested] {command}

From - http://vimdoc.sourceforge.net/htmldoc/insert.html#:startinsert

Start Insert mode just after executing this command.
Works like typing "i" in Normal mode. When the ! is included it works like "A", append to the line. Otherwise insertion starts at the cursor position.

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