How can I restart firefox from commandline (in linux) such that it restores the previous state completely (or as much as possible) after restart? Sure, I can do something like killall firefox; firefox, but that would not restore the session.


I think you need to do a setting in firefox before you restart it from command line. Go to:

   Prefrences->General->When Firefox starts

and select :

   Show my windows and tabs from last time

then from the command line , restart it the way you like ( may be killall firefox; firefox&) and you ll get the desired result.

For more advance tuning about session restore you can type about:config in address bar and search for session or restore to change it.



You can set Firefox to open with the previously open windows & tabs. It should be under Preferences -> General -> "When Firefox starts". Set that to "Show my windows and tabs from last time":

enter image description here

You should now be able to restart firefox with killall firefox; firefox & and have the same session.


Unfortunately, there's no easy way to accomplish this. The closest thing to it would actually be using the Firefox Console (Shift + F2) and typing in restart.

Firefox Console restart function

Aside from that, one could install an Addon or take @terdon's advice in his answer and change Firefox Preferences to "Show my windows and tabs from last time" When Firefox starts and "restarting" with

$ killall firefox; sleep 1; firefox &

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