I'd like to override one of the applications set in /usr/bin/. I have created an alternative with the same name in ~/bin/ which in in my PATH (as set both in .bashrc and in .profile).

When I start the application from the console, I get the expected result: my application is started instead of one from the distribution.

However, within KDE, when I do alt+F2 and type in the application name, the one in /usr/bin starts instead of the one in ~/bin/.

How do I set KDE so that ~/bin is recognized from everywhere in KDE.

I'll probably also have to edit the K-menu, although I am not sure how to do it with KDE4.


Thirs hit in google for 'KDE environment variables' is this which seems to be what you're looking for.

(You can also configure the login manager to export a specific $PATH - the man page for xdm illustrates how to do this)


On my system there is a directory


All the scripts that directory that end in .sh are executed. I for instance have a script there called profile.sh that contains the following:

export LC_TIME=en_DK.utf8  # ISO 8601 dates
[ "$LC_ALL" != "$LC_TIME" ] && unset LC_ALL

to make sure that Firefox and Thunderbird use international standards for date and time.

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