Recently I installed the Andale Mono font from the ttf-ms-fonts package on Arch Linux AUR.

I then tried out using it in Fbterm to see how it works. It worked perfectly! Well, sort of.

the imperfections

You can see some of the imperfections in the text I typed into nano. You can also see it in the word "GNU" in "GNU nano". Other keys affected included 'y' and others.

Is this a rendering issue, or is it a problem with the font being installed?

Thank you in advance.

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The former - fbterm is drawing scalable fonts on a low-resolution device, for speed. You could file a bug report, but see these 2-3 year-old issues:

and it seems that there's no ongoing development, just a few people with copies on github. Followup comments for Use console fonts with fbterm #47 indicate the sort of problems encountered in adapting TrueType fonts to work in the Linux console.

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