I am using a linux based device where we use nullmailer to send email using smtp.

nullmailer version: 1.0.5

User-Agent: Mutt/1.5.19 (2009-01-05)

In the existing mechanism, our smtp server does not have any authentication.It is just a plain text. Now we need a secure authentication for smtp.

By googling I found some work around for this,the suggestions are to change the values in /etc/nullmailer/remotes. I have changed as per the suggestions and tried to run nullmailer-send but no luck.

Here is the list of changes I have made in /etc/nullmailer/remotes :

using theses http://blog.janjonas.net/2011-04-22/configure-nullmailer-smtp-authentication http://metz.gehn.net/2012/11/nullmailer-with-starttls/ references

1. smtp.gmail.com smtp --user=[GMAIL_USERNAME@gmail.com] --pass=[GMAIL_PASSWORD]
2. smtp.gmail.com smtp --auth-login --user=[GMAIL_USERNAME@gmail.com] --pass=[GMAIL_PASSWORD]
3. smtp.gmail.com smtp --port=25 --user=[GMAIL_USERNAME@gmail.com] --pass=[GMAIL_PASSWORD]
4. smtp.gmail.com smtp --port=587 --starttls --user=[GMAIL_USERNAME@gmail.com] --pass=[GMAIL_PASSWORD]
5. smtp.gmail.com smtp --port=465 --auth-login --user=[GMAIL_USERNAME@gmail.com] --pass=[GMAIL_PASSWORD] --ssl

None of them are working.

Again I found that the version of nullmailer(1.0.5) may not support any secure authentication (ssl/tls/starttls). I validated this concept by --help

See this reference : http://www.troubleshooters.com/linux/nullmailer/

-p, --port=INT    Set the port number on the remote host to connect to
      --user=VALUE  Set the user name for authentication
      --pass=VALUE  Set the password for authentication
      --auth-login  Use AUTH LOGIN instead of AUTH PLAIN in SMTP 

[You can see there is no options for ssl/tls/starttls]

So, I updated the version of nullmailer from 1.0.5 to 1.11 But when I execute nullmailer-send to send the queued messages in /var/nullmailer/queue but met with below error

Could not load the config

Making the story short, here is the list of my concern :

1. Can I secure the smtp channel using the existing version of nullmailer.
2. Is nullmailer 1.0.5 does not supprt any secured authentication. (ssl/tls/starttls)
3. If it does how can I set the security what should be the /etc/nullmailer/remotes value.
4. If I update the version from 1.0.5 to 1.11 what are the dependencies.

I went through almost all the links provided by google, but still in a big puzzle.

Help would be highly appreciate. I may missed something important.

Please ask anything if this issue is not clear to anyone.


If nullmailer is failing with smtp.gmail.com try using IPv4 address directly:

my /etc/nullmailer/remotes looks like this: smtp --port=465 --auth-login --ssl --user=USER@gmail.com --pass=PASS --insecure

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