Reading Filesystem Hierarchy Standard I was considering those directories:

  • /opt: Optional application software packages.
  • /home: Users' home directories, containing saved files, personal settings, etc.

I was more inclined to use /opt but many tutorials use /home (e.g. Archlinux wiki)


  • Where should I install seafile-server: /opt or /home?

Considering /home is generally used for end users' home directories, it is not a good practice to mount general use filesystems in /home, as it may lead to a confusion later on with other sysadmins, whom, one day, will take over this system from you upon your departure for greener pastures.

I am not familiar with seafile-server, but assuming it is a 3rd party application and its related directory tree, then it is fine to mount it under /opt.

Having said all of this, mounting a directory on either /home or /opt, technically has no difference. Just make sure you are not doing nested mounts, i.e., mounting a filesystem over another filesystem. Even though this is technically possible, it lends itself to problems in the future, if the higher level filesystem decides to go bust one day. I know it is not your question, but just make sure, wherever you are mounting this filesystem under, is not a mounted filesystem, but a plain directory on root filesystem (i.e., under "/").

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