There is a system user named sshd on my system, and a group named ssh:

$ cat /etc/passwd | grep ssh
$ cat /etc/group | grep ssh

My guess is the user sshd allows OpenSSH to use port 22, and access /etc/ssh without having to run as root.

I'm assuming the ssh group was also created by OpenSSH, but I can't find any mention of it in the documentation.

What is the purpose of this new user?


Only the root user is capable of creating sockets in privileged ports eg port < 1024.

The ssh user/group is used with privilege separation in openSSH.

The daemon is running a process with user root, and when receiving connections, running in a chroot environment with the non-privileged user sshd.

Or put other way, it runs the part of the operations that needs privileges as root, and the part they can isolate as a non-privileged user.

I will leave a link here of the project, which also has a link to a paper about the subject.


The paper:


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