I have an open-stack instance vm , and puppet agent was working fine on it. By running the command puppet agent -t, it was good. But for some reason i had to rebuild the instance by using the open-stack rebuild feature, now when i run the puppet agent command , it results in certificate error. What could be the problem? and a workaround for this? in principle there should be no error , because i have configured the puppet to auto-sign the certificates from my domain.


If I understand your question correctly, then the problem is that your client expects a specific server certificate from the server. When you rebuilt the server, you almost definitely created a new server certificate.

The easiest thing to do, if I recall correctly, is to erase /var/lib/puppet/ssl on the client. That should erase any pre-existing certificates and force it to renegotiate new certificates.

  • the puppet server is the same , i don’t change anything on puppet master , i rebuild the client , so it should auto negotiate , isn’t it? – Ijaz Ahmad Khan Dec 28 '15 at 15:48

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